Posted by: bellebelle | January 18, 2008

You Know What?

i have decided, after this week long of working exhaustion, i will pamper myself with a lil’ treat at the cinema…


never mind that everybody is telling me it’s boring. i just felt like… i will like it.

com’on, just like what i’ve told Kae Shiuh my 20-years-old anak, “where on earth do you usually find a movie where all the main characters eventually died?

well, i am feeling based. i am not as logic as you think i’d be. i decide my menu by feelings, i scrawl by feelings, i write by feelings, i drive different cars by feelings.

if i feel like it, that’s it.

impulsive, that’s me. i simply enjoy the simplicity.

if you haven’t, or didn’t know… watching movies, were one of my favourite past-time. yeah, WERE. when i was in my school uniform, i visit the cinema every now and then.

i watch them, with, or without companions.
i have a drawer filled with my collection of entrance tickets.
i usually get the popcorns whenever someone offer me a movie treat, i guess this is a much courteous way of going dutch.
i know the best seats when it comes to GSC Mid Valley ;)

this year, i’m bringing it back. to kick start my movie marathon, i have already bookmarked some… MUST-watch(s).


Warlords 投名状


Kung Fu Dunk 功夫灌篮

Step Up 2 – The Streets


Death Note 3 – L-Movie


ask me out for a movie date =)



  1. L have’t die ah? haha… add some more movie lo… like Americans Gangster, Waterhose, Cloverfield… much much more… :)

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