Posted by: bellebelle | January 25, 2008

If I Have A Free Air Ticket…

right now, if i have a free flight to catch…

i’d set off to Kuching, not even needed to pack.


side track a lil’ bit yeah?

i met an accident in the noon.

it happened when i attempted a right turn, a motorcyclist came uphill. he crashed right into my front bumper, knocking off my head light.

i watched him fell on the ground, my heart sank.

is he alright?” the 1st thought came to my mind. “oh dear, should i pray, should i not? should i go right down? should i help him up?” then i parked my car at the safe side, then Calvin & Benjie helped him up. “abang, you ok ke?” then i picked up his belongings, then some names went through my mind, then my thoughts went haywire.

to my surprise, nothing happened to his new shiny red Honda EX5 Dream, neither is he wounded. but imaginably, my bumper cracked and the head light dangles around it. i’m fine with the loss, even if the young fellow couldn’t afford to compensate… i’m all right about it, just as long as nobody’s injured out of this accident. but it was the scene that i couldn’t wipe off… i watched him show his frustration by kicking the bike.

that unexpected act of this young man scared the hell out of me.

i didn’t understand why he’d be frustrated when nothing went wrong with his bike; i seriously have no idea why he’d be throwing his anger when i didn’t even ask for compensation. he said some sentences with a harsh tone, something to do with him trying to be excused of his fault. i scolded him out of the blue, “bang, you ingat you seorang sahja yang perlu kerja? i kena kerja juga!

other than commanding the marching troop, i have not scolded anyone like this.

WWJD? i know Jesus definitely wouldn’t allow such situation to get on his nerves, like i did. so, i felt sorry for being so impulsive. the young man must’ve been insecure and afraid of taking up responsibility, how can i not relate?

i have not talked to my dad regarding this accident. when i felt like every thing’s gonna be alright, i am very likely the most calmed one. it is exactly like the time when i misplaced my ID & was forced to stay back in Kuching, i was the most chilled.

“你就是那么不可爱。换作别的女生,老早哭啦。” some friend said.

during my extended stay in Kuching, i remember all those who called and sent me short messages throughout the day. i remember my dad especially, for him to call so many times to concern and sayang, and how ridiculously he finally tak boleh tahan then scolded me for my carelessness over the phone. i eventually showed some emotions and cried a little.

i felt very loved and assured, when i listened to the aircraft & JayChou jokes and also to the never ending efforts to keep me out of worrying.

there’s also the special time spent with Michelle’s family, especially her parents. i had meals with them, and followed Aunty to the morning market, i keep watch of their house when they were away to the hospital for Uncle’s referral.

Uncle Chai were cute, every now and then, he will keep asking me bout the arrival of my parcel and then he said repetitively… “IC没有寄来就留下来当我的女儿咯!” deep in my heart, i knew he’s concerned about my flight arrangement and he tried to comfort me with the most casual yet heart-warming manner.

seriously speaking, the extended trip were truly a blessed one.

if it wasn’t for the extra hours, i wouldn’t have such a good rest.
if it wasn’t for the carelessness, i wouldn’t have realize i actually own such amount of love.
if it wasn’t for the mistake that i have made, i wouldn’t have realize the importance of being submissive toward God at all situation.

then, it was Wednesday that i was informed… Uncle were hospitalized. his only lung were infected too, and were charged to the ICU.

when i heard the news, i felt like my heart were torn into pieces.

i then cried during worship singing… because i knew, all i could do, is to keep him close in my prayers.

那你 纵使单靠呼吸都会觉得幸福

if right now i have a free air ticket to Kuching, i’d give up my dreams of traveling for my cup of hot drink in Milan. i’d give up fantasizing about strolling alongside Barcelona’s late evenings. i’d give up my dream of photographing the colours of 4th world countries, and also waking up in the natures of unfamiliar contingents.


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