Posted by: bellebelle | January 31, 2008

My Room

dearie, seriously…






i’m hungry.



confession time, i didn’t have my dinner.

my dearest readers, my love for you wouldn’t go short of potato’s, it’s just that… he’s much cuddlier, hehegoodnight!



  1. is that your room….

    the dry roses(i believe) look very nice.

    and why did not u eat.

  2. hehe yeah, a corner of my room. aside from the roses, i believe you would have liked my green walls!

    i did not eat… because…
    i was ill-disciplined.

    we studied the Bible with a girl right until the time to catch the midweek service. besides, i wasn’t feeling hungry during that point of time.

    as of today, i had brunch and dinner on time :)

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