Posted by: bellebelle | February 7, 2008


Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sultan Abdul Samad
5 Gigih, year 2004

i am super bad at remembering names, but i’ll try :)

Top Left to Right:

Yik Siang, Wai Kit, ahem…, Bennie, Yat Sheng, Kim Kee, Meng Meng, Pik Horng, Chee Hoong, Wong, Senthuran, Shameen, ahem…, Sheng How, Weng Keong.

Middle Left to Right:

Weng Qin, Yue Chuan, Kah Jun, Chee Men, Farah, Foong Mei, Fei Sheen, Diyana, Huei Yee, Chloe, Yen Mei, Mei Yuen, Jhow Wei, Billy, Wee Loon, Wei Lun.

Bottom Left to Right:

Jolin, Siew Yee, Pui Leng, ahem…, Lay Ying, Puan Arul, Wei Jun, Hooi Min, Sook Peng, Esther, Roslin.

my apology to those whom i have forgotten your names. part and parcel was because you did not pay for the Year Book. or that, you are always absent from classes. or both.

our Annual Reunion Dinner :)

the originals. XD

the guys.

the ex-classmates.

midnight karaoke after dinner.


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