Posted by: bellebelle | April 27, 2008

Dear ALL

hey all faithful readers.

i have a piece of good news to share, many have anticipated for this. and i am so, really, very, super thankful for those who have been praying restlessly for this to come.

it’s like a be-early birthday gift, which is too good to be true.

it began with some difficulties, i pulled out.
it became a dream, too far to be reached.
it turned into a conflict, everybody became opinionated.

put all of ’em into prayers, having a clear conscious… started planning, plus believing, “ask and you shall be given”. so, i began asking.

and now, it is given.








prayers were answer & it came at the right time. i am given this opportunity to continue my academic dream. yes, i will be a student once again. congratulate me, thanks be to God.

the new intake commences on the 23rd of June.

my new college name is Cenfad (Center For Advanced Design).


goodnight world, i am logging off. my computer died, my internet died, my heart sank, but i am all right.



  1. Buddy,

    this is just so so awesome. God is Happy to See u so so HAPPY…..


  2. :D

  3. Hey, congrat! Study hard, and smart!

  4. Hey, im so happy for u. U hv great talent sis… so make sure u study hard and make full use of yr talent ah!

    BTW, Happy Birthday sis! :)

  5. Steve & David >> pleasant surprise to have both of you drop by! thankew thankew~

  6. I think both David and Steve is a regular visitor of your blog too… just that they seldom leave a comment. :)

    Congratulations anyway… be a naughty student ah. :)

  7. haha.. what a feedback, you seriously want me to be a naughty student?

  8. Just ignore that naughty Blog Reader’s comment about being a naughty student. He is just being naughty. By the way, is David Chong = Blog Reader actually? :-)

  9. hahaha… yeah, do differentiate between Blog Reader & David Chong. Blog Reader is Mr. Kok Keong, David Chong is another dear friend of ours! they so happen to have the same common name & same surname, hehe..

  10. wai… why blow my cover huh? haha… let them guess as they wanted to…

    What’s so bad being naughty? Teacher love naughty student… haha..

    Naughty is not equal to bad. In fact, they click quite well with teacher, most of the time. =)

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