Posted by: bellebelle | May 17, 2008

Love is Patient

i don’t write a lot, don’t i?

i decide i should write in English, so i wouldn’t loose touch with my angmoh & banana readers. hehe…

just to keep you updated, i am doing all right =)

apart from being emotional to loose a friend, everything is still on track as it should be. and i am still your  lovable girl.

i’ve been staying at home more often. trying to, as much as i could. tried to eat, sleep, walk, run, jump, work, worship… my best to do it at home. before July, the HIGH MONTH; before it comes, i am giving more attention to the family.

i should slowly give my house a makeover. even though i got really fed up, because my dad have been pestering me… “why so slow? quickly get it done.” because… every time i think big, like how i wish the house could be like, how i’d love it to be… things wouldn’t go smooth as expected. so, i’d rather i do it slow, but seriously enjoy every moment of it.

nope, i was proved wrong. i didn’t quite enjoy it, sigh.

but hey, again, i tried really hard.

yesterday i made my closet a happy space. i fold all my baju & you know… they come in all sort of sizes & colours & quality &… it is seriously not easy to categorize them like i planned. but after i do my laundry, and fold them into places, it looks pretty good & organized. to me lah at least.

today i tidy up my PC table. i threw away that nasty looking table & moved out the one in my room. i seriously have this fetish… toward my 5-year-old computer. i cleaned my printer, scanner, LCD monitor, speakers, sub-woofer, CPU, mic, mouse, Disc casings, modem, wires, plugs, la-di-da… you name it.

it is such a pain to clean the keyboard. but… you know, as much as i love my computer, i’d love all it’s parts to be black & shiny & clean & pretty too. so i dug out all 104 keys one-by-one & clean & vacuum them & place them right as where they should be. i spent only half an hour cleaning all the above mentioned computer parts, but it took me more than an hour to “spend time” with my keyboard. T_T

after reassembling my table & PC, it feels really GOOD. readjusted my speakers’ position & it sounded really different. it is so comfortable to just enjoy the night with a few of my favourite tracks, with the lights off, with no distractions.

tomorrow i’m gonna fix my bed & relocate it.

the day after tomorrow i’m gonna fix my study corner.

the day after the day after tomorrow, i’m gonna tidy up the living room & throwaway useless cabinets. then if i could, i’d relocate all the furnitures to make it more spacey.

i will need to spend some time to organize all my paperworks & magazines & books & comics & references… yeah, i have plenty of ’em, and it is always the best topic to be nagged from my dad.

then… it is the dining space. the horror of all horror. i never liked washing dishes since i’m a kid……… but for the sake of making more space in the house, i have to do what i have to do.

then the kitchen,
then the bathroom,
then the toilet,
then the other 2 rooms,
then the courtyard,
then the store room,
then the wall painting,
then the extra shopping,
then happy ending.

perhaps it takes up to half a year to do all i have mentioned.

but that doesn’t stop there, then i can live a fairy tale happily ever after. i’m not any princess, i can not forget the maintenance & care taking. T_T

pictures next time.

to reward myself for the plans in resolving all these, here am i with my 3rd cup of hot green tea ;)

too bad i have no chocolate cookies to go with it.

life is too short to be wasted, i’d better hop on my bed.

goodnight, world.

just in case ;)

_na u ne ka te li ku ne.



  1. Here i am an angmoh & banana readers. of urs. So happy to know you have been growing. Really miss chating with you on skype. Do drop me a msg when you are free. Miss u and thanks for ur sharing.

  2. 是时候把旧衣服和鞋子丢掉了……

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