Posted by: bellebelle | July 2, 2008

It Aches

to the clue of the password protected post, it is the number for the house in OUG.

to all the questions unanswered, i’ll try my best to get ’em answered. i’ll delete the post once i courier the scrapbook to Brisbane.

to all my confused readers, sorry i got you confused. initially i wasn’t bothered to password protect the post, because i knew i have nothing to hide from you. to Mark & i, it is a simple & sweet farewell gift from me to a friend whom i have gone through ups & downs for 6 years.

i guess you would only understand how it feels to dedicate such a blog post, when you personally go through it, on your own; or that, you’d try to walk a mile in my shoes. when the person is gone, it is never about attending to a simple call anymore.

i password protected it, because i knew some who didn’t know what have happened in the past… are taking it (too) personally, and that… i don’t have the time to attend to all the emotional challenges. if you find it confusing but you did not dare to approach me for explanations, don’t bother to read again & again.

even if you got me hurt… still, i love you for who you are; i plea you’d do this to me too.



  1. Finally put the memoir in your blog.

  2. We can totally relate…. (-_-lll)

  3. totally~ (o_O))

  4. We are all one call away from one another…

  5. since not many knew the password to the protected post, i moved all the comments to here, so i can respond to ’em.

    Blog Reader >> sounds like you’ve been anticipating for the complete story eh, thank you for waiting for the happy ending. but the friendship story hasn’t ended, it’s just the beginning.

    ƒ >> *lol* why did the both of you ber-emoticon la. they look so weird, i can imagine your faces like that.

    by the way, thanks for leaving a comment. but as you read, be ready that my blog is actually much much more gabrielle-ed/-ing, than the gabrielle in person.

    女朋友 >> 看见妳给我的肯定,我真是不禁掉眼泪。我知道,当一个人长时间离开,things will never be the same again;可昨天他打个短短电话来报平安,我知道,我们之间的友谊是会把两岸的我们给联系着。

    而妳给我的肯定,也有三年时间了吧?这些,都是我很珍惜的。女朋友呐,偶尔,也换我掉掉眼泪,撒撒娇 :’)

  6. You are most welcome!! I can totally understand your situation, as I myself have also gone through that, and honestly speaking… Sometimes, you will really hope to hear the familiar voice again. I’m not someone who will talk long over the phone, but I think somehow I got addicted to it…

  7. haha you got the right person to be related to the addiction. i’m THE expert in extended duration calls.

  8. flowing thru the river-ride of feelings, emotions and …that is the deep that i would never understand at this moment, the love, the care towards a friendship that i aspire to grow to be….amazing love…genuine, sincere and deep…’jia you’

  9. you too, without notice, have the love & care toward certain friendships in your lifetime. remember the attention you had for ‘honey’? 我要重复说多一次,那时的他…要是没有你,就没有别人了;我是认真的。



  10. :) thank you…always looking forward. got to grow.

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