Posted by: bellebelle | July 4, 2008

Stay With Me When It Rains

it’s 09:47pm, i’m taking a short break from work.

how many times have i repeatedly said… “I WANNA WATCH STEP UP” before, before, before it’s released?

i lost count.

stop telling me all these…

“is not really THAT good.”
“so-so lah…”

never mind the movies, i am contented with only the soundtrack.

Cassandra Ventura – Is It You

look at the grand piano, look at the grand piano.
listen closely to 00:00:33 can anybody tell me the beats transit from what sort of instruments?

okay, here’s another one with another grand piano… aww…

Jordin Sparks featuring Chris Brown – No Air

i like the shadow play, too. and oh, oh, the wind blowing thing is breathtaking.

of course, not forgetting the singing & lyrics. honestly i can’t catch up, haha.

okay, this is so, totally, very… random.

among the 100-things-to-do-before-i-die, i will pick up piano. and trying to, guitar.

i’d better trim my fingernails & pep talk my future teacher, motivate him gao gao before giving up on me. (i want free lessons, free lessons, free lessons)

here’s one of many reasons why.

Plain White T’s – Hey There Delilah

okay, with my lack of perseverance on the 6-stringed instrument, i think nobody’s gonna do it free. or… maybe i should just get some people to play for me.

excuse my excited-ness, i have an overdose of chocolate & sweet talk; it’s the sugar rush.

back to work, tata. peanut butter & jam sandwich for dinner.


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