Posted by: bellebelle | August 4, 2008

Never Too Late

i drafted this post a few days ago, just to share with you this MTV & a song that’s close to my heart.

for those who are into Leo Ku’s “爱得太迟”, or… Timbaland & One Republic’s “Apologise”. i am sorry to say… i don’t liked the songs. no offense to the singer or any fans. i personally didn’t liked the song because it’s filled with negative emotions, and anger, and hurt, and unforgiving. but… i liked Leo Ku, if you have listened from here.

now… choose a better song to handle emotions, alright?

of course i’d understand that… when you are down in the pit, you don’t usually rejoice over up-to-beat cheerful songs. the matter of fact is, we LOVE to mourn over emo songs. for example, when i wave good-bye to a relationship… it hurts but i wasn’t too in touch with my emotions, i didn’t know if i’m okay or whatnot. and so i went for a karaoke session so i could “let it out”. the list on the screen are the songs that fits exactly to how i felt. and well, they are basically… THE emo songs & reminiscence tracks.

why is it when we knew it hurts us even more, but we still enjoy digging into sorrows? is like pouring salt on the wound. because… over the years, we get ourselves to get used to live with broken lives, broken relationships, broken… everything.

first off, watch the MTV & listen closely to the lyrics, see if you could relate to the way i’ve felt.

this video shows a scene of hope, Adam (Three Days Grace’s frontman) and his wife wrote this, it is about Adam’s drug habit. showing that it’s not too late; it’s never too late to give up. He said, “this song is about being in a very dark place, but being able to see a way out.”

there’s a number of illustrations laid in this MTV, could you figure out some?

  • a little girl dancing with her parents
  • a woman struggling in a mental institution
  • the man in a sweater
  • bandages over the parents’ eyes
  • arms restrained by leather belt
  • the man flipping the bed
  • the black-winged man
  • butterfly
  • medical instruments
  • black hand prints

看这 MTV 时,有蛮多的感触。因为…生命里、家里曾有毒贩。从他的角度观看,世界很可能,也是这么样的吧?经过多少次的高潮、满足感、尝试解脱、挣扎、失望、信念…他是多么地渴望爱和援手,我们可了解?









death isn’t the only option in our darkest hours; for as long as God have not (and will not) given up on you, it’s seriously… Never Too Late

to repent
to forgive
to accept
to love




  1. Reading this post is like giving myself a bang by the hammer… :)

  2. blog reader, i don understand wo…. :( wat do u mean ha? mayb if got chance u can share with me personally….thanks..

  3. dear ah~

    The Video cannot be view bo….

    well, can relate to this part because some of the MTV will touch our hearts, triggers our emotion and recall some of the old old memory. But just don’t stay too long oh in the memory land oh… and move on and continue to build our wonderfull life base the hope in Christ.

    Love, muax

  4. Blog Reader » eh… is it that it’s to intolerable to read my writings, or you felt the exact emotions that i’m trying to pour out?

    pk » haha.. why the both of your conversing in my response box.

    yukitori » dearie, i’m fine with the MTV, wasn’t too sinking into emotions. just that i wanna share it, ’cause we can hardly find good ones these days.

    P/S: if video can’t be viewed, click on the bottom right box for the link to Youtube. most probably is viewable there :)

  5. haha… The comment was given is because I feel like being challenge. T_T

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