Posted by: bellebelle | August 26, 2008


to those who look for my existence from the cyber world,

yes, my PC died on me again.

apparently Windows crashed after a virus scan, and… it is affected by malware or virus or whatever registry problem that i am certainly not familiar with. please don’t ask me what happened to it, if i knew, it wouldn’t have happened again. all i know is that i have to rescue all my important data from my hard disk else i will die if i looses them.

okay, perhaps it doesn’t seem that bad to you, perhaps i exaggerated. what matters now, is that… i will be idle from the internet, until i get the PC fixed.

perhaps i should consider having a MacBook afterall, Windows is wearing me out.

i miss my IT guy who fixes uBuntu for me, where’d you go?

p/s: Loh S., i will not take the job, please don’t bother to call.



  1. (sayang sayang)

  2. Sorry to say, I will only look for one particular person’s existence in the cyber world, but not you ne~ (T_T)

    Because I can have you everyday ma!!! ^^

  3. I got Ubuntu CD. You wanna?

  4. again?
    “AGAIN??!?!” – shouting from brisbane.

    windows aint that bad…haha
    go for ubuntu/kubuntu/fedora.

  5. kakibulu » o_O what a nickname. but thanks for the sayang.

    女朋友 » 好啦,重点是你必须要在可以见面时给我 attention 和 assurance,要不然我这个 weak situation 很快会从你指尖消失~变成阿飘晚上来吓你。

    steve » i have the CD too :)

    junmeng » yupp, AGAIN. quickly swim from Brisbane to rescue my PC. btw, you really liked Windows eh, you used to boycott it. X’)

  6. 瞄瞄

  7. danson » 呵呵,喵!

  8. What does category 1 mean?

  9. category 1… is actually under those i have not posted/categorized. i have a total of 16 drafts iced in my blog editor X’D

    i know.. i fixed my PC, time to revive the blog. it is ridiculous to see the blog traffic increase even if i disappeared for sooooo long.

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