Posted by: bellebelle | October 27, 2008

Back In Action

yupp, i’m back.

running a new motherboard with my good o’ Pentium 4 processor, and also a DSL router that’s traded over 2 movie treats… let’s pray from now onwards, this PC sustains till the day i graduate & secure a job & perhaps find a husband.

except for not having sound projection for i-don’t-know-why, the computer is serving me good enough. i am always proud of my 7-year-old who’s able to multitask like no other. with the limits, it is incredible how i can run Photoshop & render video at the same time, also not forgetting… loop a few favourites of mine on Winamp & occasionally jump from tabs to tabs on my browser. oh, and chat messenger.

check what i’ve been missing out when i can’t go online at home…

1350 RSS entries to be crossed out, and 307 unread mails.

with the lack of security, i seriously, can hardly imagine myself working full time for a secured company, multimedia house or a production company. i would most probably marry right upon graduation and be a housewife. or… run my own home office X’D

but… put that aside, i was absent & have not been journal-ing for quite some time. be it on the internet, or on my paper journal, i have not been writing. not to say blog hopping to read & leave comments or whatnot, i don’t even have the grace of time & space for my own. sad.

now that i have internet access from home, i can freely, and without much discipline & self-control, write & read & comment & reply at anytime i want!

it’s coming near to the end of the year, then i will join the January college intake. and till then… i have 5 websites on hand. 3 work, 1 charity & 1 surprise. i have also secured a printing production job, which it will be pretty interesting and hopefully this time, i earn better.

before the year closes, i wish to travel to Singapore. for a short visiting trip to my relative’s place.
before the year closes, i wish to neatly prepare myself and my group of people to widely open our arms to welcome and embrace the new year.
before the year closes, i wish to revamp my house, my room & my home office.

there’s so many things to do… in which i seriously doubted that they will all happen before the year ends. be prayerful, i shall.

and, oh! welcome back :)



  1. Welcome back~ ^^

  2. Welcome home! (:

    Until found a husband? So long ah…

    1350 RSS? Pengsan lo!

    1 surprise? For me? hehehe…

    let’s count, until 31/12, there is still 63 days…
    visiting Singapore: 5 days?
    preparing ownself: 1 second to make decision?, small group: 3 hours of meeting?
    revamping house: 2 days?
    Cut that off, you still have more than 50 days left leh… sure can do it. =)

  3. 女朋友 » 呵呵,谢谢迎接!

    Blog Reader » haha… now 1419.

    well, well, it is considered correct for that surprise to be yours. but… am doubtful about it’s level of shock that it would do to you.

    haha… before that 1 second 灵机一动,i bet there’s a million seconds of consideration.
    small group 3 hours of meeting certainly needs more than 3 hours of praying, preparing & advise seeking leh.
    REVAMP a house in 2 days, you think i’m superwoman who get things zapped in a second time meh?

    let’s do the math…

    a million seconds of consideration + 1 second of decision making
    = 10001/60
    = 166.68333333333 min/60
    = 2.77805555555556 hours

    preparing small group & bible talk:
    a month of daily prayer time
    + preparation (draw timeline & flip bible & type & think & type & think & save document & print & photocopy)
    + seeking advise (spend time & warm up & pour out & ladida…)
    + time to meet small group
    + meeting
    + bible talk

    = (30mins X 31days)
    + (30mins X 1 day per week, 5 weeks per month)
    + (2 hours every session X minimum 3 pax considering Sim, Corrinne, Seh Yen)
    + 3 hours small group
    + (2 hours X 1 session per fortnight, 3 sessions per month)
    + 3 hours bible talk

    prayer 930mins
    + preparation 150mins
    + spend time 360mins
    + small group 180mins
    + meeting 360mins
    + bible talk 180mins
    = 2160mins/60
    = 36 hours
    = 1 & a half days.

    revamping house:
    faith without deeds is useless. hahaha…

    some more… haven’t count the cost of time wasted sleeping, power napping, dealing with weak situation (mostly myself lah), disagreements, resolve conflict, eating (breakfast & lunch & tea & dinner & supper), internet-surfing, and 1.3333333334 hours of responding to this particular blog comment… etc etc…

    WHOA, looking at the breakdowns, i think i should consider accounting! isn’t it brilliant?


  5. Nop, you shouldn’t consider accounting at all. One million is 1000000 or 1 x 10E6, it’s not 10000, lack of two zeros… (-_-lll)

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