Posted by: bellebelle | December 27, 2008

Just Keep Moving

Christmas was spent in Genting Highland, thinking about daddy & Ginny who cannot turn up for the concert.

pardon my previous emotional blog post. here i give you an update of almost everything.

first of, i am encouraged. wait… maybe, beyond just feeling encouraged. in which… i do not know how to explain this sorta feeling, or use a better word to phrase my feelings.

i guess after ranting & throwing away the rubbishes that’s rooted in my heart, i am feeling much relieved. and that, i can finally have a good night sleep without being haunted by unbearable frames of reflections.

every time when i recall what have happened the past 2 weeks, it actually aches quite a lot.

i chose to talk things out. i tried to go positive. but it doesn’t change the fact that i am guilty of my foolishness & that i have to bear my consequences. i think… after all, i am just afraid of facing up to ’em. giving an account of my behaviors are equally scary & traumatic. i have no more confidence, but it’s just the right thing to do.

adding on with the car accident, it just drains me out.

just like what Dory said to Nemo, i guess i gotta keep swimming even if i’m going against the flow. i know i can’t swim, but i can keep movin’ on.

a few dear ones have listened to me & shoulders were generously offered. i am not fighting the battle on my own. it’s just to the end of the year, it isn’t to the end of my life. i could have ended the year badly, but it’s just a small chapter of my life.

thanks to those who have concerned… here’s a picture of my fixed car & thank you for helping me raise up smiles truly from my heart.



i’m excited of my new hair color :) it cheers me up.

and how did i fix my car in such a short period of time?

if you didn’t know… way before the concert, i actually offered to purchase a ticket just to encourage my dad. after working for many years, i have not really been giving gifts or housekeeping money to my family. neither did i fork out money to give my parents a treat over any occasions. so… i thought, for once, i should have given him a treat to Genting.

when we were discussing of the concert, we eventually discovered that the concert day is on Wednesday. and… Wednesday evening would usually be the busiest time of the week. i told him to take a half day off to attend the concert, because i really wish he could be there.

however, he couldn’t make it.

when the New York Harlem Singers were singing Unforgettable & continually with many other Broadway songs… it reminds me of my dad who stays back in KL. and how i really really really wish to bring him up to be with me for the concert.

it was exhausting, but the concert went on… AMAZING.

when i got home, and to my disbelief, daddy fixed the damage of my poor kancil.

i can imagine in the midst of his busyness, he took time off to send my car for repairing. when i am up in Genting enjoying the short getaway, he is giving his best to get my car fixed.

that is how much he have loved me.

this is how much God have loved me… to send these angels in my life, giving their best to lift me up from my devastated heart.

goodnight angels. goodnight my love.



  1. The car look like adding spice to it’s life. Really colorful life it has. And the smile of that pretty girl is really sweet. Keep smiling. =)

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